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        My first computer was a Commodore 64. Yes it had only 64 KB . It looked like this:

The size of this image of the Commodore 64 is 54 KB itself. 🙂

It was 1983 or 1984. I was at the secondary school. I was on my way home from the school. I called home from a pay-phone to ask…mom said “yes, it is at home.” I do not remember how I got home, but still remember the big smile on my face after her answer. Not many children had a computer at that time, and it ws for sure a big thing in my life. We were taught not to brag and be pride, so I only had the feeling of  “being happy.” I was 12, a red-head nerd with freckles on my face.

Since that time, I did enjoy playing games on the computer, still I do. But I was lucky, maybe very lucky, as the high-tech computer games would enter our lives when I was a young adult. I had the chance to have my childhood outside. Sweating, drinking water from the water fountain near the field where we used to play soccer, making snowmen in the winter, sliding over the small snow hills on that field with my wooden sledge….That was my childhood. I fell down at the streets, my knee bleeded. I cried maybe I did not. If I were a child in 2010, what would I miss in 2030 of my childhood? Oh, we used to play this game on-line with my friends…ok, you can play it in 2030,too…We used to watch this on youtube, okay you can still watch it in youtube.

I have watched a commercial, actually two commercials alike in a row recently. They were promoting children (little girls) to play on-line, to take care of their virtual toys together. One commercial was about a little kitten which looked and reacted like a kitten, but a it was a robot.

Oh! It is winter, maybe they are warm playing on-line, interacting with each other through a cold monitor. They should go outside, fall down, and their knees bleeded.

We have to decide what to do with the empty playgrounds. Maybe more parking lots? or the capitalism/globalism/information age is asking for something more fertile? These children will die lonely. More lonely than their grandparents…

Bring back the children’s laughter

to the playgrounds…


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